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A Newsletter On Understanding Employer Liabilities
Each issue addresses one area of employer liabilities with practical advice on how to manage that liability. This is important advice on some very critical employment law issues.

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Why Use A PEO

PEO Leasing   Hiring a quality Professional Employer Organization can have many benefits. Here are the highlights:

1- It saves money: You can probably get a better rate on workers compensation through a PEO because the policies they offer and their know how about the policies are not available to you. PEOs tend to handle claims efficiently and know how to root out fraudulent claims that can end up costing big bucks. Savings gained through risk management alone can offset the administration fees to the Professional Employer Organization.

2- Business Focus: As a business owner, you want to focus your time and energy on the "business of your business" and not on the "business of employment." Hiring a Professional Employer Organization allows you to concentrate on your business.

Leasing and Employee Benefits
You can probably get a better rate on workers compensation because the policies they offer and their know how.

3- HR Expertise: Most business owners don't have the necessary human resource training, payroll and accounting skills, knowledge of regulatory compliance, or background in risk management, insurance and employee benefit programs to meet the demands of being a good employer. That is one of the greatest resource you gain when you hire a Professional Employer Organization.

4- Legal Advice: You can turn to your Professional Employer Organization for those tough legal questions. A PEO can help with guidance concerning terminations, as well as any obligations to comply with employment and workplace laws and regulations that seem to change every year.

5- Paperwork killer: Background checks and other hiring services are usually done through the Professional Employer Organization, which saves time, expense, and trouble.
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6- Better Benefits: You can secure all your employee benefits at the same time, from general health insurance to dental coverage and retirement plans. You can save a great deal when purchasing these for your employees, or you can make them available to your employees without you paying for them.

7- Taxes: Once you have signed on with a PEO, there will no longer be a need to collect, process, and forward your workers' FICA, SUTA, or FUTA payments. The PEO is responsible.

8- Hiring Decisions: When you want to hire a new employee, you can rely on the advice of the Professional Employer Organization about your hiring decision. Because the Professional Employer Organization will be the employer of the record, it would make certain you are hiring the right employee. 23945 Calabasas Rd. Suite 106, Calabasas, CA 91302 818-222-4572
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