Payroll Services

Online Payroll
Forget all about annoying paperwork. Now you can manage your payroll with the click of a mouse. Backed by the strength of the Internet, payroll management applications allows you to control payroll hours and employee changes in real time...

Payroll Made Simple
Most PEOs offer payroll servicing that is easy to navigate for even the most casual computer users. It includes an extensive User Reference Guide to help with any questions you may have, and friendly Customer Support Specialists, just a phone call away...

Payroll In An Instant
Your online payroll service can be used to provide comprehensive payroll processing. You can use it to maintain employee records, set up new hires, make rate changes, input payroll hours and dollars, post voids and manual payroll checks, and more...

Real Time Access
The wait is over. When you administer payroll changes online, processing occurs immediately and a complete statement is available to preview online within seconds. Preview a comprehensive payroll register to ensure accuracy prior to submitting your payroll...

Options Available To A Company
You can tailor your company’s payroll to meet you specific needs. The most important option are those that allow the management to view the company’s data in various reports. Most payroll programs allow companies to maintain divisions, departments, and jobs...

Options Available for Employee's Data
Following is a list of options available in an ideal web based...
Administer pay codes, deductions, Workers' Comp, 401(k) match and Employer Paid Benefits

Paycheck Options Available Online
Here are some options available when you use an online payroll service offered by a PEO.
Control payroll dates
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