Selling the Greatest Product Online: You!

This week I want to discuss making yourself marketable online, not in selling products, but in getting hired. Given our current economic state, a large majority of middle-class workers are asking themselves, "what can I do to bring in a little extra income?" With all the online job postings available, particularly work-from-home positions, it's difficult to find a perfect fit, but there are a few key things you can do to help yourself in the race for another job.

Consider these steps to help you along the way:

1. Explain what you do.

Think about any sales position you've worked or any you've heard about. What is the salesman's goal? To tell a customer what the product is and why they need to buy it now. Finding work online functions on the same principle: what do you do for the company and why do they need you now? As simple as this sounds, this is the most important part in getting the job you want. Think about it: why did you purchase the last major item in your life? What helped you make the decision for your specific product against another? Sell yourself first by selling what you do.

2. Show the company your unique traits.

Okay, so the addendum to the above point is that in selling yourself you have to be yourself. These companies are looking for individuals that fill the requirements of the job but also add to the ideals of the company. Unless your job is filling out endless surveys, your contributions, in person or online, contribute to the image of the company. So, in the midst of explaining how you'll do the job the best, use your personality to demonstrate that you're an employee that will add to the company in a positive manner.

3. Look for the right job.

Make sure that the job for which you are applying is a job you see yourself doing and, for the most part, enjoying. If you don't like data entry, don't apply for a data entry job. If you like a job in ghostwriting, apply. It's that simple: apply for a position that excites you and won't be a dread Monday morning.

4. Watch your back.

While many job positions are legitimate, many individuals have found success in the internet industry by taking advantage of unsuspecting job applicants. When applying for a job, make note of the following points:

a) Do your research - make sure the company established. Typically, this means that there is a website, physical address, business references, etc. If you can't find any information, request some. If they don't provide any, it may be best to move on to another offer.

b) Protect your money - be very wary of any company that offers you a "great position" after you finish their $20 training program. Think of your last job interview - did they ask you to start work on Monday after you purchased the $40 training book? No. So why would an online company require this? If a company wants to hire you, they'll make sure you have to best training - for free.

c) Seek out other employees/ex-employees - one of the best ways to find out about a company is to find someone who works or did work for the company. Do they enjoy work? Did they feel like their work was valued? What are the strengths/weaknesses of the company? Why did they take the job? Why did they leave the company? All these questions will give you answers that will help you determine if this company is the best fit for you.

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