• chapter
    • 9-6A-14. Expiration and renewal of registration

   (a) Term of registration. -- A registration expires on the date set by the Commission, unless the registration is renewed for an additional term as provided in this section. A registration may not be renewed for a term longer than 3 years.

(b) Notice regarding renewal. -- At least 1 month before a registration expires, the Commission shall send to the registrant, by first-class mail to the last known address of the registrant:

   (1) a renewal application form; and

   (2) a renewal notice that states:

      (i) the date on which the current registration expires;

      (ii) the date by which the Commission must receive the renewal application in order that the renewed registration may be issued and mailed before the current registration expires; and

      (iii) the amount of the registration and renewal fee.

(c) Renewal requirements. -- Before a registration expires, the registrant may renew the registration for an additional 3-year term, if the registrant:

   (1) is entitled under this subtitle to be registered;

   (2) pays to the Commission the renewal fee set by the Commission; and

   (3) provides satisfactory evidence of compliance with continuing education requirements and other qualifications and requirements specified under this subtitle for registration renewal.

(d) Renewal of registration required. -- The Commission shall renew the registration of any registrant who meets the requirements of this section.

(e) Registrant's address. -- Each registrant shall give the Commission written notice of any change of address.

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