Sample Demotion Procedure Statement

A demotion is movement to a job evaluated at less than 87% of the job points of the current job. Demotions can be employee initiated or initiated by the ABC because of reorganization or other reasons. Demotion normally carries with it a salary decrease. However, if it is determined to be in the ABC’s interest, a salary decrease may not be required. The division executive must outline in writing the rationale for not requiring a decrease and send the document to Human Resources for retention in its files. If a salary decrease is to occur, the process below will be followed: 1. An analysis of the salary will be performed by Human Resources. Human Resources will then consult with the department head. 2. If the demoted employee’s new salary exceeds the salary range maximum for the new position, the employee may be eligible for merit increases. 3. The recommended salary must be approved by the Human Resources department and the affected division’s executive. In cases where there is disagreement about the recommended salary between Human Resources and the department, the matter will be reviewed by the Vice President for Finance. 23945 Calabasas Rd. Suite 106, Calabasas, CA 91302 818-222-4572
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