Sample Training Policy Statement

ABC believes that learning is a lifelong pursuit. In concert with this belief, ABC maintains training and development programs to assist staff in acquiring new knowledge and skills and sharpening existing skills. Service to ABC customers is enhanced by a well-trained staff that is knowledgeable of ABC practices and procedures. While this policy is primarily concerned with staff training & development, members of the ABC faculty are welcome and encouraged to participate in these programs. It is understood that career development and job skills acquisition are the joint responsibility of the employee, the supervisor and the employing department. Supervisors are expected to consult annually with people reporting to them to develop an appropriate staff development strategy. This might include job training, wellness, and personal enrichment programming. The accomplishments of the staff development strategy should be incorporated into the annual performance evaluation process. 23945 Calabasas Rd. Suite 106, Calabasas, CA 91302 818-222-4572
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