Emploment Interviewers
EMPLOYMENT INTERVIEWERS help jobseekers find employment and employers find qualified workers. Employment Interviewers act as brokers, matching the best combination of applicant and job. To do...

Questions employers may not ask in an interview
Employers have enormous latitude in the kind of questions they can ask in an interview. But a series of laws beginning in the 1960's made certain kinds of personal information protected, closing...

How To Comply With The ADA In An Interview
Interviews are inherently harder to manage and control than written questions on a job application. However, interviews usually provide employers with the best type of information for making...

Sample Interview Questions In Compliance With ADA
The questions set forth below are examples of questions an interviewer may or may not ask an interviewee; an interviewer should tailor his or her questions to the job being sought, as well as to...

Voluntary Disclosure of Disabilities
In most circumstances, the ADA does not allow an employer to inquire or make determinations as to whether job applicants or employees have disabilities. Rather, an employer usually will be limited... 23945 Calabasas Rd. Suite 106, Calabasas, CA 91302 818-222-4572
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