Compliance Assistance

All employers must post the federal or a state OSHA poster to provide their employees with information on their safety and health rights. You may order a printed copy from the OSHA Publications Office at (800) 321-OSHA or download and print one from this website they are available in English or Spanish.

If you are an employer, you may wish to contact the OSHA Consultation Program for your state for free on-site assistance in identifying and correcting hazards or setting up safety and health programs. You can also contact the OSHA Area Office nearest you to speak to the compliance assistance specialist about training and education in job safety and health issues. Another option is OSHA Advisors, interactive software that "walks" you through specific OSHA standards or helps identify potential hazards throughout your workplace. You can also find information on specific topics on the OSHA website by using the Alphabetical Subject Indexes, Advanced Search options, or by reviewing featured topics on the main OSHA Home Page.

If you are a worker, you can call the nearest OSHA Area Office, or you can file a complaint online through the OSHA Workers' Page.

How can I get workplace safety and health training from OSHA?

You can get workplace safety and health training form OSHA. Contact the nearest OSHA Area Office to speak to the compliance assistance specialist. You also can check out training available at the OSHA Training Institute in the Chicago area or at one of the 20 education centers located at colleges and universities around the nation.

OHSA does offer cooperative programs. OSHA's Alliance Program enables trade or professional organizations, businesses, labor organizations, educational institutions, and government agencies that share an interest in workplace safety and health to collaborate with OSHA to prevent injuries and illnesses in the workplace. OSHA and the organization sign a formal agreement with goals that address training and education, outreach and communication, and promoting the national dialogue on workplace safety and health.

The OSHA Strategic Partnership Program is for employers with varied backgrounds, experience and records in job safety and health. Participants in OSPP share a common commitment to improving workplace safety and health. These partnerships merge the creative ideas and resources of OSHA and stakeholders. OSPP emphasizes training and education in a voluntary, cooperative atmosphere. Tracking results is key to the partnerships.

Voluntary Protection Programs are OSHA's premier partnership programs designed to recognize workplaces with exemplary safety and health programs. VPP participants serve as models of excellence for others in their industries and communities and are exempt from routine OSHA inspections. 23945 Calabasas Rd. Suite 106, Calabasas, CA 91302 818-222-4572
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