It is estimated that more than three million American workers are currently employed by a Professional Employer Organization (PEO) that offers employee leasing services. These employees represent every facet of the workface, from accountants to zookeepers. There is no stereotypical PEO - employee leasing client.
















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Affiliates Program

The benefits are obvious...

  • 40% commissions on all sales you refer!
  • Continuous revenue for the life of the account!
  • FREE online advertising for your business!
  • Your own listing in our Trading Partner Directory!
  • Allow THOUSANDS of daily site visitors to find you!
...The PEO7 Affiliates Program Will Bring You Continuous Income!
As the Internet's leading destination for small business owners seeking solutions to their Human Resource problems, PEO7 is the ideal site on the web to form a preferred alliance with! Our Affiliates Program allows you to do just minutes, and for FREE!Plus, sign up today and we will consider placing a banner for your business in our Newsletter, advertising your business to a subscriber base of over 1,000,000 readers!

Affiliates Program Details

As more and more American companies use PEO services, more and more companies explore the service. PEO7 has developed one of the most valuable resources for finding the right PEO in the nation. We appear in all Major Internet search engines and many companies look to us to find the right PEO every day. Businesses who have used PEO services recommend it to others and you will do the same. Our affiliates program allows you to do what you would have done anyway and earn an unlimited income when you do it. Our affiliates program has three objectives:
  1. Allow visitors to your web site to find out about the services PEO services and utilize PEO7 services to find a PEO.
  2. Allow you to refer your client to your own website to connect to our PEO Members and increase your revenue.
  3. Create an avenue on PEO7 where you can market yourself FREE OF CHARGE and earn commissions in so doing
  4. Provide PEO7 site visitors with a searchable index of the Internet's top online businesses
The program achieves these objectives by allowing you to collect a residual commission when someone your referred to us youíre your website closes a deal with one of our members. What is different about our affiliate program is that you earn the monthly commission as long as your client continues the PEO Relation with our PEO Member. The reality is that the PEO relationship is a long term relationship

Almost every business in the US will eventually have to hire a PEO. By placing a small PEO7 ad anywhere on your home page, which we will supply you will have established the path to increasing your revenue.

Additional benefits of the program are monthly commission payouts to you when a lead referred to you closes with one of our Member PEOs. We also provide you with a 24-hour reporting system that allows you to view your referrals and track commissions. Click here to view a sample commission report.

Click here to view a sample commission report.


The commission amount is $1 per employee per month for the life of the PEO relationship between the company your refer to PEO7 and our PEO Member that closes such lead. The commission is based on the total number of employees referred by your site to PEO7 that are closed with one of our PEO Members. For example you may refer 3 companies with total employees of 240 employees who close with one of our PEO Members. Your monthly commission will be $240 per month.

OnLine Commission Tracking

No matter where you are or what time it is, you can log into your account and view the leads referred to us and leads closed as well as the amount of monthly commission. .

Program Requirements

In order to participate in the Affiliates Program, you must:
  • Have a publically addressable web site
  • Place a small PEO7 ad on your home page linking to
  • Provide information about your company that will be used to build your company's jump page 23945 Calabasas Rd. Suite 106, Calabasas, CA 91302 818-222-4572
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