• United States Code
            • Section 773
              • Section 773. Election of survivor benefits

(a) To provide survivor benefits, a Comptroller General may elect in writing to reduce the pay and annuity of the Comptroller General. An election shall be made within 6 months of taking office or, if an election is made under section 772(c) of this title, by the 60th day after making an election under section 772(c). (b) A Comptroller General electing to provide survivor benefits shall - (1) have 4.5 percent of the pay received as Comptroller General and 5 percent of the annuity of the Comptroller General deducted; and (2) deposit with the General Accounting Office for redeposit in the Treasury as miscellaneous receipts - (A) 4.5 percent of the pay and annuity received as Comptroller General before the deductions begin; (B) 4.5 percent of basic pay received as a member of Congress or for other civilian service on which a surviving spouse's annuity is computed under section 774(d) of this title; and (C) 4 percent interest before January 1, 1948, and 3 percent interest after December 31, 1947, compounded every December 31, on amounts deposited. (c) This subchapter does not prevent a surviving spouse or dependent child from receiving another annuity while receiving an annuity under section 774 of this title. However, service used in computing an annuity under section 774 may not be used in computing the other annuity. (d) The reduction in the Comptroller General's annuity under subsection (b)(1) for the purpose of providing survivor benefits shall be terminated for each full month after the death of the spouse.

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