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PEOs Employee Leasing working Arizona businesses

Arizona small business owner Jan Mueller decided on retaining the services of a PEO, or professional employer organization a year ago.

"I couldn't be happier with the results," Mueller says. "I've seen a drop in overall expenditures, actually. And I feel secure that my PEO is on top of everything. It's like a breath of fresh air every day."

Mueller says her catering business Event Partners, Inc. is more streamlined and economical than ever.

"We've had no employee issues at all, except for having to cut back a few employees' hours temporarily. I don't worry about the big stuff anymore at all, though."

Phoenix business owner Larry Milhouse says in his five years of having a PEO run the bureaucracy of his operation, he's seen very few problems.

"I run a construction company, and the last thing I want at this point is headaches over some payroll or insurance glitch. I can focus on communicating with my foremen and clientele, and sticking to the day-to-day work at hand," says Milhouse.

But it's not just Arizona companies benefiting from PEOs. Companies across the U.S.. and North America continue to see positive results from professional employer organizations.

A PEO is the best way any business owner can virtually assure there will be no hangups regarding payroll, insurance benefits, employee financial investments, lawsuits, and a host of other "red tape" problems which can bog down employers. The difference a PEO can make, as opposed to a standard employee leasing or HR outsourcing company can mean the difference between daily stress and experiencing the joy of business ownership.

Finding the right PEO is the hardest of challenges when deciding on PEO route, a tast made simple at

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