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Let PEOs handle pre-employment screening

Employers routinely use employment background checks to verify the accuracy of information provided by job seekers. Background reports may also uncover information left out of the application or interview. Today, more employers are being sued for "negligent hiring" for not checking carefully enough into the background of a potential employee. If an employee's action hurts someone, the employer may be liable. That is one reason more background checks are being conducted. A PEO can assist your business in this process by doing a thorough job, and thus reducing liability.

Some questions PEO agents routinely ask when doing a pre-employment screening include:  What were the essential functions and requirements of the previous job? - What was the relationship between those requirements and the applicant's impairment? - What aspects of the applicant's previous performance and conduct were not affected or influenced by the disability? - What aspects of the applicant's performance and conduct may have been influenced by the disability? - What specific changes in job duties or assignments were made in order to accommodate the applicant's disabilities? - Did these changes allow the applicant to successfully perform the job?

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