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Employers, employees say health care costs are number one workplace issue

It is arguable that health care is the number one issue in America, and specifically, with business owners and their employees. In 2008, the National Federation of Independent Business conducted a survey to find out the most important issues facing small- to mid-sized business, and health care costs were No. 1 on the list by a wide gap.

The human resources arena is swiftly changing, and its difficulties are exacerbated by the current trend of cutbacks, layoffs and downsizing, requiring HR professionals to manage their human capital as precisely and efficiently as ever. Thus, PEOs are having to sharpen their HR tools to an even more exacting degree.

Through downsizing, most organizations are as lean as they can possibly be, which means they now have to go out and garner new business. This does not leave them the time to juggle the numerous regulatory compliance issues that have recently infiltrated the HR spectrum.

A PEO can help set up an employee incentive program, which reinforces good, ongoing work ethics and a positive, healthy workplace atmosphere. Choose from our directory of professional employer organizations today, and experience the difference it will make for your business, and overall bottom line. To find the right PEO for your business, please fill out


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