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PEOs' turn-key business solutions manifold

Many may still not be aware that PEOs offer business owners a sensible, turn-key solution for alll manner of things administrative when it comes to the running of companies. More and more business owners (especially small business owners) are looking to PEOs and other employee leasing agencies to handle the sometimes overwhelming tasks involved with keeping a company running smoothly.

PEOs typically acquire and lease back some or all of the employees of their clients and serve as the employer of the leased employees for payroll, benefits, compliance and other related purposes. Employee leasing establishments exercise varying degrees of decision-making relating to their human resource or personnel management role, but do not have management accountability for the work of their clients operations with regard to strategic planning, or profitability.

PEOs can also set up an employee incentive program, which reinforces good work ethics and a positive, healthy workplace atmosphere. Choose from our directory of professional employer organizations today, and experience the difference it will make for your business, and overall bottom line. To find a PEO, please fill out this form


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