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Finding the Right PEO

When searching for a competent and reliable professional employment organization, you should understand that finding the PEO that’s right for your company requires some diligent searching and scrutiny. You should interview a few different firms, ask a lot of questions and be sure to get a list of references. There are many companies (sometimes called PEO networks, or HR outsourcers) that can help you narrow down a list of potential PEOs or assist with the search. These networks also help you ensure that the PEO it selects is legitimate and reliable enough for your company.

You will probably need to create an RFP (request for proposal) that includes your list of requirements, benefits information and workers' compensation history. Many of the aforementioned networks will send your RFP out to their recommended list of PEOs and return the proposals to you so you can decide which company fits your needs.

Pricing depends on a number of factors but mostly hinges on what sort of services your business requires. You can expect to pay an initial setup fee (typically a few thousand dollars), and the ongoing fee will usually be a percentage of your gross payroll. Most PEOs will perform standard services such as payroll, workers' compensation and benefits administration, but expect additional fees as you add services.

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