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Savvy Entrepreneurs Choosing PEOs for Success Strategy

Some entrepreneurs--the truly insightful ones--have opted to meet their human resource demands by enlisting the services of a professional employer organization. PEOs have been popular in recent years with those savvy business owners in the know who understand that outsourcing the "red tape" involved in being enterprising can greatly boost their bottom line.

The primary reason PEOs exist is to provide employee-related services for owners of small to medium businesses, so they can focus on the one on one employee interaction and day-to-day vision which is vital for any company to remain fresh and grounded.

This can be a highly valuable service for business owners, of course, especially for the owners of small businesses who struggle to find the time to adequately cover their companies’ human resource needs. Keeping up to speed on being in legal compliance, and dealing with the host of issues that come with it can be daunting on your own.

Instead of employing people directly, you and your employee become legal employees of the professional employer organization. You retain all the functions of an employer, though, in terms of hiring employees, setting wages, etc. The PEO handles everything else--including payroll, benefits administration, workers’ compensation, employer health insurance, and retirement accounts.

All you have to do is write lump sum checks to the professional employer organization covering all your payroll expenses and an additional fee for the PEO itself, and they take care of the "dirty work". No wonder PEOs and HR outsourcing have traditionally been a big part of the recipe for success for those entrepreneurs who plan on greatness in their industry.

A good PEO can best help your company put in place an employee incentive program. To find the right PEO for your company, please visit our directory of professional employer organizations.

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