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Employee Incentive Programs Increase Motivation

Employee Promotional Incentive Programs Increase Motivation, Bottom Line

If you are an employer looking for a way to increase the most crucial areas of productivity in your business, then looking into Employee Incentive Promotional Programs can be highly profitable. The most effective types of promotional programs are built around a specific need or problem faced in the workplace. One of the most effective types of promotional programs is the  Employee Incentive Promotional Program. Why would this program be so effective? Because incentive programs focus on a key issue: your employees’ basic motivation.

More than a few studies have been performed that prove what common sense tells us to be true: if you want to increase performance while decreasing accidents and increasing profitability, your employees need to be motivated and alert while on the job. Promotional Incentive Programs, when applied well, can be extremely effective at raising the profitability of your organization.

Here are some basic tips to help you build your next Employee Incentive Program:

Employee Motivation

As to the aforementioned points, the best place to start when trying to solve human resource-related issues is with employee motivation. For example: in a recent study conducted for the United States Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, it was found that programs aimed at increasing employee motivation in trucking companies showed the most promising and effective results in reducing accidents and increasing productivity.

Return on Investment

When designing your program, it's a good idea to factor in some sort of plan for analyzing its effectiveness. At the end of the year, compare your program expenditures against the financial gains/losses and the increase/decrease in efficiencies. Obviously, you want to get as high a return as possible on your Employee Incentive Promotional Program, so it may take a little tweaking after the first year or so to get the results you need. It is not uncommon, in some industries, for these types of programs to show a 3:1 benefit to cost ratio. This means that for every dollar spent, 3 dollars will be shown in savings or profits.


Employee Incentive Promotional Programs usually hit their peak stride in their second or third year, simply because it takes time for a staff to fully get on board and get involved with a program. Understand that in order for a program of this type to be successful, your people have to believe in it and be excited about it. Developing that level of trust and enthusiasm can take time and some experimentation. Employees talk amongst each other, and if people start having positive experiences, they will start sharing them with others. The excitement will build and snowball almost by itself after that.

A PEO can best help your company put in place an employee incentive program. To find the right PEO for your company, please visit

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