TITLE 8--ALIENS AND NATIONALITY CHAPTER V--EXECUTIVE OFFICE OF IMMIGRATION REVIEW, DEPARTMENT OF JUSTICE PART 1280_IMPOSITION AND COLLECTION OF FINES--Table of Contents Sec. 1280.14 Record. The record made under Sec. 1280.13 shall include the request for the interview or a reference to the order directing the interview; the medical certificate, if any; a copy of any record of hearing before a Board of Special Inquiry, Hearing Examiner, Hearing Officer, or Special Inquiry Officer which is relevant to the fine proceedings; the duplicate copy of the Notice of Intention to Fine; the evidence upon which such Notice was based; the duplicate of any notices to detain, deport, deliver, or remove aliens; notice to pay expenses; evidence as to whether any deposit was made or bond furnished in accordance with the Immigration and Nationality Act; reports of investigations conducted; documentary evidence and testimony adduced at the interview; the original of any affidavit or brief filed in opposition to the imposition of fine; the application for mitigation or remission; and any other relevant matter.

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