TITLE 8--ALIENS AND NATIONALITY CHAPTER V--EXECUTIVE OFFICE OF IMMIGRATION REVIEW, DEPARTMENT OF JUSTICE PART 1274a_CONTROL OF EMPLOYMENT OF ALIENS--Table of Contents Subpart A_Employer Requirements Sec. 1274a.7 Pre-enactment provisions for employees hired prior to November 7, 1986. (a) The penalty provisions set forth in section 274A (e) and (f) of the Act for violations of sections 274A(a)(1)(B) and 274A(a)(2) of the Act shall not apply to employees who were hired prior to November 7, 1986, and who are continuing in their employment and have a reasonable expectation of employment at all times (as set forth in Sec. 1274a.2(b)(1)(viii)), except those individuals described in section 274a.2 (b)(1)(viii)(A)(7)(iii) and (b)(1)(viii)(A)(8). (b) For purposes of this section, an employee who was hired prior to November 7, 1986 shall lose his or her pre-enactment status if the employee: (1) Quits; or (2) Is terminated by the employer; the term termination shall include, but is not limited to, situations in which an employee is subject to seasonal employment; or (3) Is excluded or deported from the United States or departs the United States under a grant of voluntary departure; or (4) Is no longer continuing his or her employment (or does not have a reasonable expectation of employment at all times) as set forth in Sec. 1274a.2(b)(1)(viii). [52 FR 16221, May 1, 1987, as amended at 53 FR 8613, Mar. 16, 1988; 55 FR 25935, June 25, 1990; 56 FR 41786, Aug. 23, 1991]

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