TITLE 8--ALIENS AND NATIONALITY CHAPTER V--EXECUTIVE OFFICE OF IMMIGRATION REVIEW, DEPARTMENT OF JUSTICE PART 1241_APPREHENSION AND DETENTION OF ALIENS ORDERED REMOVED--Table of Contents Subpart A_Post-hearing Detention and Removal Sec. 1241.9 Notice to transportation line of alien's removal. (a) An alien who has been ordered removed shall, immediately or as promptly as the circumstances permit, be offered for removal to the owner, agent, master, commanding officer, person in charge, purser, or consignee of the vessel or aircraft on which the alien is to be removed, as determined by the district director, with a written notice specifying the cause of inadmissibility or deportability, the class of travel in which such alien arrived and is to be removed, and with the return of any documentation that will assist in effecting his or her removal. If special care and attention are required, the provisions of Sec. 1241.10 shall apply. (b) Failure of the carrier to accept for removal an alien who has been ordered removed shall result in the carrier being assessed any costs incurred by the Service for detention after the carrier's failure to accept the alien for removal, including the cost of any transportation as required under section 241(e) of the Act. The User Fee Account shall not be assessed for expenses incurred because of the carrier's violation of the provisions of section 241 of [[Page 991]] the Act and this paragraph. The Service will, at the carrier's option, retain custody of the alien for an additional 7 days beyond the date of the removal order. If, after the third day of this additional 7-day period, the carrier has not made all the necessary transportation arrangements for the alien to be returned to his or her point of embarkation by the end of the additional 7-day period, the Service will make the arrangements and bill the carrier for its costs.

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