TITLE 7--AGRICULTURE DEPARTMENT OF AGRICULTURE PART 52--PROCESSED FRUITS AND VEGETABLES, PROCESSED PRODUCTS THEREOF, AND CERTAIN OTHER PROCESSED FOOD PRODUCTS \1\--Table of Contents Subpart--United States Standards for Grades of Processed Raisins \1 Sec. 52.1841 Product description. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- \1\ Compliance with the provisions of these standards shall not excuse failure to comply with the provisions of the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act, or with applicable State laws and Regulations. Source: 41 FR 34751, Aug. 17, 1976, unless otherwise noted. Redesignated at 42 FR 32514, June 27, 1977 and at 46 FR 63203, Dec. 31, 1981. Processed Raisins are dried grapes of the Vinifera varieties, such as Thompson Seedless (Sultanina), Muscat of Alexandria, Muscatel Gordo Blanco, Sultana, Black Corinth or White Corinth. The processed raisins are prepared from clean, sound, dried grapes; are properly stemmed and capstemmed except for cluster or uncapstemmed raisins; are properly seeded in seeded styles; are sorted or cleaned, or both; and except for cluster or [[Page 572]] uncapstemmed raisins, are washed in water to assure a wholesome product.

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