TITLE 7--AGRICULTURE DEPARTMENT OF AGRICULTURE PART 52--PROCESSED FRUITS AND VEGETABLES, PROCESSED PRODUCTS THEREOF, AND CERTAIN OTHER PROCESSED FOOD PRODUCTS \1\--Table of Contents Subpart--United States Standards for Grades of Canned Red Tart Pitted Cherries \1 --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Sec. 52.773 Liquid media and Brix measurements. (a) Brix measurement requirements for the liquid media in canned red tart pitted cherries are not incorporated in the grades of the finished product since sirup, or any other liquid medium, as such, is not a factor of quality for the purpose of the grades. The designation of liquid packing media and Brix measurements, where applicable, are as follows: ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Designations Brix measurements ------------------------------------------------------------------------ ``Extra heavy sirup;'' or ``Extra heavily 28 or more sweetened fruit juice(s) and water;'' or but not more than 45. juice(s).''. ``Heavy sirup;'' or ``Heavily sweetened 22 or more fruit juice(s) and water;'' or ``Heavily but less than 28. ``Light sirup;'' or ``Lightly sweetened 18 or more fruit juice(s) and water;'' or ``Lightly but less than 22. sweetened fruit juice(s).''. ``Slightly sweetened water;'' or Less than 18. ``Slightly sweetened fruit juice(s) and water;'' or ``Slightly sweetened fruit juice(s).''. ``In water''.............................. Not applicable. ``In fruit juice(s) and water.''.......... Do. ``In fruit juice(s)''..................... Do. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ (b) The densities of the packing media, as listed in this section, are measured on the refractometer, expressed as percent by weight sucrose (degrees Brix) with correction for temperature to the equivalent at 20 C. (68 F.), but without correction for invert sugars or other substances. The Brix measurement of the packing media [[Page 556]] may be determined by any other method which gives equivalent results. (c) Brix determination is made on the packing media 15 days or more after the cherries are canned or on the blended homogenized slurry of the comminuted entire contents of the container if canned for less than 15 days. [39 FR 13963, Apr. 18, 1974, as amended at 41 FR 15020, Apr. 9, 1976. Redesignated at 42 FR 32514, June 27, 1977 and further redesignated at 46 FR 63203, Dec. 31, 1981] Fill of Container

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