TITLE 7--AGRICULTURE PART 15a_EDUCATION PROGRAMS OR ACTIVITIES RECEIVING OR BENEFITTING FROM FEDERAL FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE--Table of Contents Subpart C_Discrimination on the Basis of Sex in Admission and Recruitment Prohibited Sec. 15a.23 Recruitment. (a) Nondiscriminatory recruitment. A recipient to which this subpart applies shall not discriminate on the basis of sex in the recruitment and admission of students. A recipient may be required to undertake additional recruitment efforts for one sex as remedial action pursuant to Sec. 15a.3(a), and may choose to undertake such efforts as affirmative action pursuant to Sec. 15a.3(b). (b) Recruitment at certain institutions. A recipient to which this sub[chyph]part applies shall not recruit primarily or exclusively at education institutions, schools or entities which admit as students only or predominantly members [[Page 389]] of one sex, if such actions have the effect of discriminating on the basis of sex in violation of this subpart.

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