TITLE 7--AGRICULTURE PART 15_NONDISCRIMINATION--Table of Contents Subpart C_Rules of Practice and Procedure for Hearings, Decisions and Administrative Review Under the Civil Rights Act of 1964 Sec. 15.111 Purpose of hearing. (a) The hearing is directed to receiving factual evidence and expert opinion testimony related to the issues in the proceeding. Argument will not be received in evidence; rather it should be presented in statements, memoranda or briefs, as determined by the hearing officer. Brief opening statements, which shall be limited to a statement of the party's position and what he intends to prove, may also be made at hearings. (b) Hearings for the reception of evidence will be held only in cases where issues of fact must be resolved in order to determine whether the respondent [[Page 378]] has failed to comply with one or more applicable requirements of subpart A of this part. In any case where it appears from the answer of the applicant or recipient to the notice of hearing or notice of opportunity to request a hearing, from his failure timely to answer, or from his admissions or stipulations in the record that there are no matters of material fact in dispute, the hearing officer may enter an order so finding, and fixing the time for the submission of evidence by the Government for the record. Thereafter, the proceedings shall go to conclusion in accordance with subpart A of this part and the rules of this subpart. An appeal from such order may be allowed in accordance with the rules for interlocutory appeal in Sec. 15.123.

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