TITLE 7--AGRICULTURE CHAPTER XXXI--OFFICE OF ENVIRONMENTAL QUALITY, DEPARTMENT OF AGRICULTURE PART 3100_CULTURAL AND ENVIRONMENTAL QUALITY--Table of Contents Subpart C_Enhancement, Protection, and Management of the Cultural Environment Sec. 3100.43 Policy. (a) The nonrenewable cultural environment of our country constitutes a valuable and treasured portion of the national heritage of the American people. The Department of Agriculture is committed to the management--identification, protection, preservation, interpretation, evaluation and nomination--of our prehistoric and historic cultural resources for the benefit of all people of this and future generations. (b) The Department supports the cultural resource goals expressed in Federal legislation. Executive orders, and regulations. (c) The Department supports the preservation and protection of farms, rural landscapes, and rural communities. (d) The Department is committed to consideration of the needs of American [[Page 273]] Indians, Eskimo, Aleut, and Native Hawaiians in the practice of their traditional religions. (e) The Department will aggressively implement these policies to meet goals for the positive management of the cultural environment.

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