TITLE 4--ACCOUNTS CHAPTER I--GENERAL ACCOUNTING OFFICE PART 83_PRIVACY PROCEDURES FOR PERSONNEL RECORDS--Table of Contents Sec. 83.15 Request for amendment of record. (a) Individuals may request the amendment of their records in writing or in person by contacting the system manager or designee indicated in the notice of systems of records published by GAO in the Federal Register. Time limits will be measured from receipt at the proper office. (b) A request for amendment should include the following: (1) The precise identification of the records sought to be amended, deleted, or added. [[Page 79]] (2) A statement of the reasons for the request, with all available documents and material that substantiate the request. (c) GAO shall permit an individual to request amendment of a record pertaining to the individual. Not later than 10 working days after the date of receipt of such request, the designated GAO official shall acknowledge in writing such request and, promptly, either-- (1) Make any correction of any portion thereof which the individual believes is not accurate, relevant, timely, or complete; or (2) Inform the individual of the refusal to amend the record in accordance with his or her request, the reason for the refusal, and the name and business address of the GAO official responsible for the refusal. (3) The GAO offical shall permit an individual who disagrees with the refusal by the designated GAO official to amend his or her record to request review of such refusal. A request for administrative review of a denial shall be made in accordance with Sec. 83.16. (4) In any disclosure containing information about which the individual has filed a statement of disagreement, occurring after the filing of the statement under Sec. 83.16(d), GAO shall clearly note any portion of the record which is disputed and provide copies of a concise statement of the reasons for not making the amendments requested, to persons or other agencies to whom the disputed record has been disclosed. (5) Nothing in this section shall allow an individual access to any information compiled in reasonable anticipation of a civil action or proceeding. (d) If necessary, the official authorized to rule on a request for amendment may seek additional information pertinent to the request to assure that a fair, equitable, and accurate decision is reached. (e) The following criteria will be considered by the system manager or designee in reviewing initial requests for amendment of records: (1) The sufficiency of the evidence submitted by the data subject; (2) The factual accuracy of the information submitted and the information in the record; (3) The relevancy, necessity, timeliness, and completeness of the information in light of the purpose for which it was collected; (4) The degree of possibility that denial of the request could result in unfair determinations adverse to the data subject; (5) The character of record sought to be amended; (6) The propriety and feasibility of complying with specific means of amendment requested by the data subject; and (7) The possible involvement of the record in a judicial or quasi- judicial process.

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