TITLE 4--ACCOUNTS CHAPTER I--GENERAL ACCOUNTING OFFICE Subpart B_Procedures Sec. 28.62 Decision on the record. (a) The parties may agree to forego a hearing and request that the matter be decided by the presiding administrative judge based upon the record submitted. (b) If the parties agree to forego a hearing under this subpart, the record will close on the date that the administrative judge sets as the final date for the receipt or filing of submissions of the parties. Once the record closes, no additional evidence or argument will be accepted unless the party seeking to submit it demonstrates that the evidence was not available before the record closed. (c) In matters submitted for decision on the record under this section, the parties bear the same burdens of proof set forth in Sec. 28.61. (d) A decision obtained under this section is a decision on the merits of the case and is appealable as if the matter had been adjudicated in an evidentiary hearing. [68 FR 69302, Dec. 12, 2003]

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