TITLE 4--ACCOUNTS CHAPTER I--GENERAL ACCOUNTING OFFICE Subpart B_Procedures Sec. 28.23 Disqualification of administrative judges. (a) In the event that an administrative judge considers himself or herself disqualified, he or she shall withdraw from the case, stating on the record the reasons therefor, and shall immediately notify the Board of the withdrawal. (b) Any party may file a motion requesting the administrative judge to withdraw on the basis of personal bias [[Page 41]] or other disqualification and specifically setting forth the reasons for the request. This motion shall be filed as soon as the party has reason to believe there is a basis for disqualification. (c) The administrative judge shall rule on the withdrawal motion. If the motion is denied, the party requesting withdrawal may take an appeal to the full Board. The notice of appeal, together with a supporting brief, shall be filed within 15 days of service of the denial of the motion. Upon receipt of the appeal, the Board will determine whether a response from the other party or parties is required, and if so, will fix by order the time for the filing of the response.

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