TITLE 4--ACCOUNTS CHAPTER I--GENERAL ACCOUNTING OFFICE PART 5_COMPENSATION--Table of Contents Sec. 5.1 Pay. (a) Pay principles. Pay of the employees of GAO shall be fixed by the Comptroller General consistent with the principles that-- (1) There be equal pay for work of substantially equal value. (2) Pay distinctions be maintained in keeping with work and performance distinctions. (3) Pay rates be comparable with private enterprise pay rates for the same levels of work. (4) Pay levels be interrelated to the General Schedule. (b) Pay rates. (1) The Comptroller General shall publish a schedule of pay rates which shall apply to GAO employees. Except as provided in paragraph (b) (2) of this section, and regulations for the GAO Senior Executive Service, the highest rate under such schedule shall not exceed the highest rate of basic pay payable for grade GS-15 under the General Schedule. (2) Such schedule may provide for rates which do not exceed the maximum rate payable for grade GS-18 of the General Schedule for up to one hundred employees, reduced by the number of employees who are in the GAO Senior Executive Service, other than those in such service pursuant to 31 U.S.C. 733(c). (c) Pay adjustments. Except as provided in regulations for the GAO Senior Executive Service and the Merit Pay System, the pay of GAO employees shall be adjusted at the same time and to the same extent as rates of basic pay are adjusted for the General Schedule. [45 FR 68377, Oct. 15, 1980, as amended at 47 FR 56979, Dec. 22, 1982]

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