TITLE 40--PROTECTION OF ENVIRONMENT AGENCY (CONTINUED) PART 270--EPA ADMINISTERED PERMIT PROGRAMS: THE HAZARDOUS WASTE PERMIT PROGRAM--Table of Contents Subpart D--Changes to Permit Sec. 270.43 Termination of permits. (a) The following are causes for terminating a permit during its term, or for denying a permit renewal application: (1) Noncompliance by the permittee with any condition of the permit; (2) The permittee's failure in the application or during the permit issuance process to disclose fully all relevant facts, or the permittee's misrepresentation of any relevant facts at any time; or (3) A determination that the permitted activity endangers human [[Page 319]] health or the environment and can only be regulated to acceptable levels by permit modification or termination. (b) The Director shall follow the applicable procedures in part 124 or part 22, as appropriate or State procedures in terminating any permit under this section. [48 FR 14228, Apr. 1, 1983, as amended at 65 FR 30913, May 15, 2000]

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