TITLE 30--MINERAL RESOURCES THE INTERIOR PART 784--UNDERGROUND MINING PERMIT APPLICATIONS--MINIMUM REQUIREMENTS FOR RECLAMATION AND OPERATION PLAN--Table of Contents Sec. 784.25 Return of coal processing waste to abandoned underground workings. (a) Each plan shall describe the design, operation and maintenance of any proposed coal processing waste disposal facility, including flow diagrams and any other necessary drawings and maps, for the approval of the regulatory authority and the Mine Safety and Health Administration under 30 CFR 817.81(f). (b) Each plan shall describe the source and quality of waste to be stowed, area to be backfilled, percent of the mine void to be filled, method of constructing underground retaining walls, influence of the backfilling operation on active underground mine operations, surface area to be supported by the backfill, and the anticipated occurrence of surface effects following backfilling. (c) The applicant shall describe the source of the hydraulic transport mediums, method of dewatering the placed backfill, retainment of water underground, treatment of water if released to surface streams, and the effect on the hydrologic regime. (d) The plan shall describe each permanent monitoring well to be located in the backfilled area, the stratum underlying the mined coal, and gradient from the backfilled area. (e) The requirements of paragraphs (a), (b), (c), and (d) of this section shall also apply to pneumatic backfilling operations, except where the operations are exempted by the regulatory authority from requirements specifying hydrologic monitoring. [44 FR 15366, Mar. 13, 1979, as amended at 48 FR 44780, Sept. 30, 1983]

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