TITLE 30--MINERAL RESOURCES THE INTERIOR PART 780--SURFACE MINING PERMIT APPLICATIONS--MINIMUM REQUIREMENT FOR RECLAMATION AND OPERATION PLAN--Table of Contents Sec. 780.37 Road systems. (a) Plans and drawings. Each applicant for a surface coal mining and reclamation permit shall submit plans and drawings for each road, as defined in Sec. 701.5 of this chapter, to be constructed, used, or maintained within the proposed permit area. The plans and drawings shall-- (1) Include a map, appropriate cross sections, design drawings and specifications for road widths, gradients, surfacing materials, cuts, fill embankments, culverts, bridges, drainage ditches, low-water crossings, and drainage structures; (2) Contain the drawings and specifications of each proposed road that is located in the channel of an intermittent or perennial stream, as necessary for approval of the road by the regulatory authority in accordance with Sec. 816.150(d)(1) of this chapter; (3) Contain the drawings and specifications for each proposed ford of perennial or intermittent streams that is used as a temporary route, as necessary for approval of the ford by the regulatory authority in accordance with Sec. 816.151(c)(2) of this chapter; (4) Contain a description of measures to be taken to obtain approval of the regulatory authority for alteration or relocation of a natural stream channel under Sec. 816.151(d)(5) of this chapter; (5) Contain the drawings and specifications for each low-water crossing of perennial or intermittent stream channels so that the regulatory authority can maximize the protection of the stream in accordance with Sec. 816.151(d)(6) of this chapter; and (6) Describe the plans to remove and reclaim each road that would not be retained under an approved postmining land use, and the schedule for this removal and reclamation. (b) Primary road certification. The plans and drawings for each primary road shall be prepared by, or under the direction of, and certified by a qualified registered professional engineer, or in any State which authorizes land surveyors to certify the design of primary roads a qualified registered professional land surveyor, with experience in the design and construction of roads, as meeting the requirements of this chapter; current, prudent engineering [[Page 240]] practices; and any design criteria established by the regulatory authority. (c) Standard design plans. The regulatory authority may establish engineering design standards for primary roads through the State program approval process, in lieu of engineering tests, to establish compliance with the minimum static safety factor of 1.3 for all embankments specified in Sec. 816.151(b) of this chapter. [53 FR 45211, Nov. 8, 1988]

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