TITLE 29--LABOR COMMISSION PART 1690--PROCEDURES ON INTERAGENCY COORDINATION OF EQUAL EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITY ISSUANCES--Table of Contents Subpart C--Policies and Procedures Sec. 1690.307 Temporary waivers. (a) In the event that the proposed issuance is of great length or complexity, the EEOC may, at its discretion, grant a temporary waiver of the requirements contained in Sec. 1690.303 or Sec. 1690.304. Such waivers may be granted if: (1) The period of consultation and thorough review required for these documents would be so long as to disrupt normal agency operations; or (2) The initiating agency is issuing a document to meet an immediate statutory deadline; or [[Page 399]] (3) The initiating agency presents other compelling reasons why interim issuance is essential. (b) In the event of a waiver, the initiating agency shall clearly indicate that the issuance is interim, has been published pursuant to a wavier, and is subject to review. EEOC reserves the right, after publication, to review the document in light of the objectives of the Order. The initiating agency may make substantive conforming changes in light of comments by EEOC and other affected agencies. [45 FR 68361, Oct. 14, 1980, as amended at 45 FR 71799, Oct. 30, 1980]

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