TITLE 29--LABOR COMMISSION PART 1690--PROCEDURES ON INTERAGENCY COORDINATION OF EQUAL EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITY ISSUANCES--Table of Contents Subpart C--Policies and Procedures Sec. 1690.305 Nondisclosure of proposed issuances. (a) In the interest of encouraging full interagency discussion of these matters and expediting the coordination process, the EEOC will not discuss the proposed issuances of other agencies at an open Commission meeting where disclosure of information would be likely to significantly frustrate implementation of a proposed agency action. The Commission will make this determination on a case by case basis. (b) Requests by the public for drafts of proposed issuances of another agency will be coordinated, in appropriate circumstances, with that agency and the person submitting the request shall be so notified. The decision made by that agency with respect to such proposed issuances will be honored by the Commission. [45 FR 68361, Oct. 14, 1980, as amended at 45 FR 71799, Oct. 30, 1980]

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