TITLE 29--LABOR COMMISSION PART 1650--DEBT COLLECTION--Table of Contents Subpart C--Procedures for Collection of Debts by Administrative Offset Sec. 1650.304 Notice of administrative offset. (a) Advance notice. At least 30 days in advance of collecting any debt by administrative offset, notice of the Commission's intent to offset shall be given to the debtor by certified mail, return receipt requested, at the most current address that is available to the Commission. The notice shall provide: (1) A description of the nature and amount of the debt and the Commission's intention to collect the debt through administrative offset; (2) An opportunity to inspect and copy the records of the Commission with respect to the debt; (3) An opportunity to request review of the Commission's determinations with respect to the debt; and (4) An opportunity to enter into a written agreement for the repayment of the amount of the debt. (b) Exception to the advance notice requirement. When the procedural requirements in this subpart have been [[Page 393]] previously provided to a debtor in connection with the same debt under another statutory or regulatory authority, such as for salary offset or pursuant to a notice of audit disallowance, the Commission is not required to duplicate those procedures before initiating collection of the debt by administrative offset.

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