TITLE 19--CUSTOMS DUTIES TRADE COMMISSION PART 202_INVESTIGATIONS OF COSTS OF PRODUCTION--Table of Contents Sec. 202.2 Applications. (a) Who may file. Applications for an investigation to which this part 202 relates may be filed by any firm, association of firms, or corporation engaged in the production of a domestic article, or by any duly authorized representative of the foregoing. (b) Requirements for applications. In addition to conforming with the requirements of Sec. 201.8 of this chapter, applications under this part 202 shall include the following: (1) A clear statement that they are requests for investigations for the purposes of section 336; (2) the name or description of the article concerning which an investigation is sought; (3) a reference to the tariff provision or provisions applicable to such article; and (4) a statement indicating whether an increase or a decrease in the rate of duty is sought. (c) Supporting information. The applicant must file with his application such supporting information as may be in his possession. As far as practicable, information of the following character should be furnished: (1) Comparability of the domestic and foreign articles and the degree of competition between them. (2) Trend in recent years of (i) domestic production, (ii) domestic sales, (iii) imports, (iv) costs of production, and (v) prices. (3) Evidence of difference between domestic and foreign costs of production of the articles involved. (4) Areas of greatest competition between the imported and domestic products and the principal market or markets in the United States. (5) Other relevant factors that constitute, in the opinion of the applicant, an advantage or disadvantage in competition, and any other information which the applicant believes the Commission should consider.

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